Advanced Dental Technology use at Kingsgate Dental, Kirkland, WA

Kingsgate Dental Clinic is a comfortable practice that places priority on convenience, safety, efficiency, and patient comfort. We are pleased to provide care using the latest technology.

Patient charting in our office is maintained digitally. This allows us to quickly refer back to previous visits as well as your treatment plan.

Digital x-rays

Digital imaging provides high-resolution pictures of the various aspects of teeth and the mouth. Our x-ray equipment works quickly and with only a fraction of the radiation associated with standard film x-rays. Because images are transferred electronically, we are able to share them with the patient on the operatory computer screen. This method eliminates excessive radiation, as well as the need for storage, and eliminates the use of potentially toxic chemicals harmful to the environment.

HIgh technical digital Digital x-rays
DIAGNOdent Cavity detection


Cavity detection is one of the most important aspects of dental care. The standard dental exam checks teeth for cavities via x-rays and with a manual assessment of the teeth. Essentially, soft spots on teeth indicate decay. The DIAGNOdent cavity detection tool is quick and convenient. As we move the small device over teeth, areas of potential decay “light up” so we can easily find them. In many cases, cavities are detected before they show up on other forms of imaging.

Autoclave sterilization

We are serious about safety! Each operatory is cleaned in between patients, and equipment is sterilized using the latest autoclave equipment.