Mouthguards For Teeth Protection in Kirkland, WA

No “uniform” is complete without a sports guard. Professionals and amateurs, children and adults alike, should protect their teeth and other oral structures from injury caused while playing sports. Well-designed sports guards also have additional benefits for your health. Kingsgate Dental Clinic is also happy to offer other types of mouthguards to protect you from additional threats to your oral and overall wellness.

Sports guards

When inserted in the mouth, these oral appliances protect the mouth from injuries sustained during activities such as contact sports like basketball. Sports guards may be bought at sporting goods stores or other retail outlets. Stock products may be designed to fit all mouths, or they may be “boil and bite.” The latter option can be softened and shaped to fit the curves of the mouth. There are many complaints associated with off-the-shelf guards; they tend to be bulky, uncomfortable, susceptible to breakage, and hard to maintain. Notably, they can interfere with proper respiration, which negatively affects your performance, endurance, and the pleasure you get from sports.

Some studies suggest that these appliances are not sufficiently thick to provide optimal efficacy and safety. Only a well-fitting and shock-absorbing sports guard can effectively minimize the impact of a blow to the face, jaw, and head. In fact, professional sports guards available at the dentist’s office may even reduce the risk of concussion. Dr. Kelley designs sports guards from impressions or molds of your mouth. These custom guards are made from quality dental materials. They are built to last. During recall appointments, we will check that the guard is in great working order.

Multi-functional mouthguards

Other types of guards or oral appliances may be designed and fabricated similarly. Custom night guards are worn to protect the teeth from chips, fractures, and other injuries caused by bruxism. This condition refers to teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching that usually occurs when patients are relaxed during sleep. The excessive force placed on the teeth by bruxers threatens the integrity of natural teeth and restorations, such as dental crowns. These guards may also ease the stress that is placed on the jaw joints. Stressed Temporomandibular Joints are associated with a range of symptoms, from chronic headaches to jaw stiffness.

Mouthguards For Teeth Protection in Kirkland, WA

Snore guards may also be used to reposition the jaw and tongue. In doing so, these appliances allow air to flow freely during sleep. Without tissues in the way, the characteristic vibration or “snore” is not produced. Snore guards may also be an effective alternative to cumbersome CPAP therapy for some patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Lightweight, easy-to-wear, and easy-to-care-for custom oral appliances support optimal health and are a cost-effective, non-invasive preventive service – Call (425) 385-0080 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kelley.

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