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Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, can have a devastating effect on your oral health and your general state of wellness. At Kingsgate Dental Clinic, we educate our patients about gum disease and the ways they can prevent this condition. Should inflammation and infection occur, our staff has the necessary training and skill to treat the condition quickly.

Because gum disease continues to progress if not treated, it is recommended that you keep your six-month recall visits with your dentist and hygienist. Skipping even one appointment can result in irreversible damage to the gums and the bone.

The cause of gum disease

Gum disease is an infection that results from oral bacteria. These microscopic organisms live in plaque, a biofilm that sticks to teeth. Ideally, plaque will be removed with daily brushing and flossing. However, because it cannot be seen, plaque tends to stick around. In time, this substance becomes hardened on the surface of a tooth or teeth. This is called tartar. Your dentist or hygienist is the only person who has the tools and techniques to remove tartar from your teeth.  The bacteria that live in plaque and tartar deposit acid onto oral tissues, weakening them. The inflammation that results can cause gum tissue to pull away from teeth, creating pockets in which bacteria quickly colonize. Without proper treatment, the ligaments and bone in the jaw become compromised, making you vulnerable to tooth loss.

Treating gum disease

Gum Disease Kirkland -  Gum Disease StageThe best time to treat gum disease is in the early stage of gingivitis, when only superficial tissue is involved. At this time, the infection may be treated with a professional cleaning that removes tartar and plaque. The procedure referred to as scaling and root planing addresses infection and smooths the affected surfaces in order to encourage attachment with the gums. After scaling and root planing, patients are advised on how to care for their oral health effectively.

If gum disease is not treated early, it progresses to periodontal disease, in which vital structures are threatened. In addition to weakening bone and the periodontal ligament, bacteria from advanced gum disease have also been identified as a major risk in the development or worsening of several medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Advanced gum disease requires referral to a specialist, who may perform surgery to close periodontal pockets and save teeth.

The team at Kingsgate Dental Clinic is here to support you in your oral health goals. Schedule your checkup and cleaning in our Kirkland office.

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  • Kingsgate Dental
    Rating : 5 Gum Disease Kirkland - 5 Star Rating Review I have gone to Kingsgate Dental for about two years now, and every experience has been excellent. Dr. Kelley is very knowledgeable and very thorough with her analysis of the issues that I have faced with my teeth. The staff is polite and always happy to answer any questions that I have and give me pointers to improve my dental hygiene. I will continue to go to Kingsgate Dental and Dr Kelley for years to come.
  • Kingsgate Dental
    Rating : 5 Gum Disease Kirkland - 5 Star Rating Review Dr. Kelley and her staff are a treasure. State of the art equipment. As a past Dental Administrator for a very large practice in Lynnwood, I am soo happy to know that Dr. Kelley and her hygienists who have been there for over 20 years, are by far the most indepth and thorough at cleaning as you would ever find. I have never felt more than a slight prick when getting novocaine. Between numbing the gum and gentle procedure they also offer nitrous, for us real scaredy cats. Music, neck pillows and blankets all make the experience truly enjoyable.