Dentures Treatment in Kirkland WA

Like other industries, modern dentistry has benefited from a range of new technologies and techniques to rebuild teeth. Some of these exciting technologies include bridges and dentures that replace teeth from the “root up.” The implant itself functions as a tooth root to stabilize the artificial, overlying teeth in the jaw. However, well-planned and precision-fitted dentures at Kingsgate Dental Clinic of Kirkland, WA, remain a tried-and-true way to replace several teeth or a mouthful of missing teeth.

Proper fit for optimal function

Some of the most common complaints associated with conventional dentures can be avoided from the get-go with expert preparation and exacting planning. For instance, dentures that slide around and result in painful sores do not conform well to the contours of your mouth. Likewise, ill-fitting dentures also cause embarrassing slip-ups when you laugh or speak. They can hamper your ability to eat food comfortably. You may avoid foods that you once enjoyed. Do not blame the denture; blame the fit!

Additionally, earlier-generation dentures may have looked fake. For example, consider overly white, plastic-y “false teeth.” Dr. Ann Kelley minds even the smallest details to assure you are happy with your new teeth and gums’ shape and color. We do not cut corners on the quality of materials or the steps involved in designing your smile.

We employ painstaking methods to measure and plan how new teeth will fit together when you bite down. We will also consider the teeth’ optimal size to best complement and support the lips, facial tissues, and other oral structures. Dr. Kelley also accounts for other aspects of your life, including your budget and lifestyle, to develop a best-suited treatment plan for your needs and goals.

Since every patient is so different, she is also pleased to offer various options to restore natural appearance, comfort, and healthy function:

  • Conventional partial or complete dentures – Partial dentures can replace groups of teeth or several scattered teeth. Complete or full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. They may be removable and require cleansing and nightly soaking, or they may be a “fixed” appliance stabilized with specialized attachments.
Dentures Treatment in Kirkland WA
  • Immediate – Avoid the embarrassment of missing teeth! This approach allows patients to get dentures immediately after teeth are extracted. These temporary dentures allow you to get adjusted to eating, speaking quickly, and using these appliances. Immediate dentures also minimize swelling and bleeding. After the gums have fully healed, you will return to the office for adjustments. So, your permanent denture can be designed and placed.
  • Implants – Implant-retained dentures allow you to replace a full arch of teeth with as little as four strategically placed dental implants. This approach helps to minimize the costs of these advanced dentures. Implant-retained dentures are particularly beneficial for replacing missing teeth in the lower arch. Due to the shape of the lower jaw, retention can be problematic. Patients do not have to contend with adhesives to stabilize their lower dentures.

Dr. Kelley’s patients may even opt to “modernize” or retrofit their existing dentures with implants. To schedule an appointment at our office to find out the best option to rebuild your smile. Call (425) 385-0080.

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Ann Kelley, DDS

Dr. Ann Kelley is a graduate of the Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska. She highly values the comfort of her patients, and places the needs of the patient above her convenience. Her dental clinic is built to bring the best and most comfortable dental experience to all her patients. She builds relationships with her patients based on trust and always acts to safeguard this trust.

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