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How do you Prevent and Treat Gum Disease?

You must do everything you can to take care of your oral health, and that means taking care of your gums. While you certainly need to prevent cavities from developing on the surfaces of your teeth, you cannot forget your gums. Why do you need to take care of your gums, and what are the tips to prevent and treat gum disease at Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland?

Tips to Prevent Gum Disease in Kirkland Area

Why Does Your Gum Health Matter 

The biggest reason why you need to pay attention to the health of your gums is that your gums are responsible for protecting your teeth and roots. If you do not take care of your gums, your teeth might start to get sensitive. Your gums might even begin to swell. If this is allowed to progress, your teeth might start to get loose and even fall out. That is why you need to focus on protecting your gums from harm.

Tips To Prevent Gum Disease 

There are a few tips you need to follow to prevent gum disease from happening:

  • Brush and Floss Regularly: You need to make sure you brush your teeth twice per day, and you should floss every day.
  • Floss Correctly: You also need to make sure you floss properly. Make sure you slide the floss between each pair of teeth twice, once down each side of your teeth.
  • Angle the Bristles: You should also angle the bristles away from the gum line while brushing around the gum line. This will knock loose your food debris.
  • See the Dentist: Finally, make sure you go to the dentist every six months for regular check-ups.

Rely on our team at Kingsgate Dental to help you take care of your gum health.

Call Kingsgate Dental for Help Treating Gum Disease  

If you are looking for a team to help you care for your gums, count on Kingsgate Dental! Dr. Ann Kelley always puts the needs of her Kirkland patients first, so call us today to make an appointment at (425) 385-0080.

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