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Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment with a Dentist in Kirkland

Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment with a Dentist in Kirkland Area

Ensuring that your teeth are healthy and look great is important and can significantly impact your overall appearance. You can enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth by seeing a local dentist for professional teeth whitening services. When you see a dentist for teeth whitening treatment in Kirkland, residents, you can benefit in several ways. Improved Smile and Appearance A key advantage of receiving professional teeth whitening treatments is that they can help to improve your smile and overall appearance. When meeting someone for the first time, your smile is one of the first things they will notice. If you … Continue reading

Dentist for Dentures in Kirkland WA: The Denture Process

Dentist for Dentures in Kirkland WA Area

Having a beautiful smile that you are proud of is so essential. What some might take for granted, others would love to have. And dentures are a fantastic way to have a great smile and a set of teeth that you can use. For those looking for denture services near me or a dentist for dentures in Kirkland, WA, Dr. Ann Kelley and the Kingsgate Dental team can help. Consultation The first step to dentures is the consultation phase. It is the step in which the doctor will look at your teeth, your mouth’s health, and the overall state of … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dentist Office Kirkland WA: Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Office in Kirkland WA Area

Your smile is often one of the first things that people notice about you. Are your teeth straight, white, are there any missing, etc.? These are all concerns that many people struggle with every day. For those looking for cosmetic dentistry near me or a cosmetic dentist office in Kirkland, WA, Dr. Ann Kelley with Kingsgate Dental can help. There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures; some of the most common are implants, veneers, and whitening procedures. Implants Dental implants are an excellent way to restore a single tooth or many teeth, either badly damaged or missing entirely. The method of … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA area dentist describes replacing missing teeth with dental implants

Dentist Describes Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Kirkland, WA Area

When a patient is faced with tooth loss, they may become overwhelmed at the options available to them for replacement. Dr. Ann Kelley and the team at Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland, WA encourage patients to learn more about the solutions that are used, including dentures, bridges, and dental implants. For many of the patients who visit our practice with single tooth loss, replacing teeth with implants is often the best course of action. What are dental implants? Dr. Ann Kelley describes dental implants as titanium tooth root replacements. They function just like natural teeth because they are placed into the … Continue reading

Where can I find family-friendly dental care in the Kirkland, WA community?

Where Can I Find Family-friendly Dental Care in the Kirkland, WA Community

Finding a dentist to foster a lasting relationship may be challenging for some adults but can become even more challenging for those looking to get dental care for everyone in their family. Finding family dental care practice in the community of Kirkland, WA is easy when you connect with the team at Kingsgate Dental! How do you know if a dental practice offers care for the whole family? Most practices who offer family dental care, or pediatric dentistry, will advertise such on their website. Dr. Ann Kelley and her team at Kingsgate Dental encourage parents to visit us for themselves … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA, dentist offers professional teeth whitening services

In Kirkland, WA Area, Dentist Offers Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Ann Kelley of Kingsgate Dental understands how frustrating it can be to deal with dull and discolored teeth. For some patients, their teeth are not naturally white due to genetics, while for others, staining may be caused by medications, certain habits, or poor oral health. The smile is the first impression you give to others, so you want to make it count. Patients ready to brighten their smile with an effective treatment will want to turn to a dentist “near me” to learn about teeth whitening service with professional-strength products. Why whiten the teeth with a dentist? Many Kirkland, WA, … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA, dentist offers treatment for gum disease

In Kirkland, WA Area, Dentist Offers Treatment for Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a term that many patients are familiar with. They hear about it from their dentist, as well as on television commercials for toothpaste and mouthwashes. But many patients are unsure as to how serious an issue this condition can be. Patients who have gum disease will need to treat it to maintain their oral health and avoid the damage of the smile that can occur if left untreated. Treatment for periodontal disease will vary depending on the stage at which the condition has reached. What treatments are available for periodontal disease? If a patient … Continue reading

Benefits of Wearing a Comfortable Mouthguard in Kirkland, WA

Benefits of Wearing a Comfortable Mouthguard in Kirkland, WA Area

Following proper dental care, tips are very important. If you grind your teeth a lot, one tip that you may receive from a dentist is to wear a dental mouthguard at night while you sleep. Dental mouthguards are designed to match your teeth and mouth perfectly and can provide a variety of benefits for you. When wearing comfortable mouthguards, Kirkland, WA, area residents will benefit in several different ways that can make them a great investment. Protection for Your Teeth One of the main reasons that people wear a mouth guard at night is that it protects their teeth. Many … Continue reading

The benefits of tooth-colored fillings with Woodinville, WA dental provider

Tooth-colored Dental Fillings at Kingsgate Dental in Woodinville WA Area

Patients of the Kirkland, WA area who have been diagnosed with a cavity, or tooth decay, will need to work with their dentist to obtain a quality restoration such as a dental filling. Woodinville, WA patients can visit the practice of Kingsgate Dental to request tooth-colored fillings as an aesthetic and functional treatment for their smiles. When do I need a filling? Cavities are tooth decay that impacts the natural tooth enamel. Though tooth enamel is the strongest element in the human body, it can still be damaged by tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when acids and sugars eat away … Continue reading

Dentist in Kirkland, WA, offers customized dental mouthguards for sports

Customized Mouth Guards at Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland WA Area

If you are involved in sporting activities where it is high-contact or high-impact, it is incredibly important that you protect your smile with an athletic sports mouthguard. At Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland, Washington, patients can obtain a customized mouthguard to protect their smile from permanent and irreversible damage. Why is it important to wear a mouthguard for sports? The ADA (American Dental Association) reports that approximately one-third of dental injuries occur from sports-related accidents. These statistics make it more vital than ever that patients take good care of their teeth and gums when participating in these types of sports: HockeyFootballSoccerSkateboardingRugby … Continue reading

Dr. Ann Kelley is a graduate of the Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska. She highly values the comfort of her patients, and places the needs of the patient above her convenience. Her dental clinic is built to bring the best and most comfortable dental experience to all her patients. She builds relationships with her patients based on trust and always acts to safeguard this trust.

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A Success Story

Damen CReviews on Google
 - 5 Star Rating Review I have gone to Kingsgate Dental for about two years now, and every experience has been excellent. Dr. Kelley is very knowledgeable and very thorough with her analysis of the issues that I have faced with my teeth. The staff is polite and always happy to answer any questions that I have and give me pointers to improve my dental hygiene. I will continue to go to Kingsgate Dental/Dr Kelley for years to come.
Kathy WReviews on Google
 - 5 Star Rating Review By Kathy W Dr. Kelley and her staff are a treasure. State of the art equipment, As a past Dental Administrator for a very large practice in Lynnwood, am soo happy to know that Dr. Kelley, her hygenists who have been there for over 20 years, are bar none the most indepth and through a cleaning as you would ever find. I have never felt more then a slight prick when getting novocaine. Between numbing the gum and gentle procedure they also offer nitroux, for us real scaredy cats. Music, neck pillows and blankets all make the experience truly enjoyable. I had gone too many years neglecting my teeth and found through Tammy, my hygenist and Dr. Kelley they were able to put together a plan to save the teeth they could and design partials for the ones I could not afford to save. I am a small business owner with no insurance and yet they came up with a plan that I am so happy with. I am without any infection, so much healthier and the partials Dr. Kelley designed are like a second skin. From Jackie and MaryAnn at the front desk to the assistants, hygenists and Dr. Kelley you will be in professional and caring hands. I recommend to all my family and friends.
Damen CReviews on Google
 - 5 Star Rating Review By dixy i Great experience. Dr. Kelley and her staff made me feel less anxious about the whole thing. Great job on the crown too! I've already recommended two friends! If I was staying in the Seattle area I'd definitely return.
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