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Dr. Ann Kelley and the Kingsgate Dental Clinic team look forward to welcoming you to our “home.” We take pride in our attention to detail and our attention to our patients’ unique, personal needs. You will never feel “rushed” or like just another appointment or obligation at our clinic. Our surroundings are comfortable and relaxing, yet we have all of the latest diagnostic technologies you would expect from a sophisticated, professional dentistry practice.

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We evaluate children as soon as their first tooth erupts, detecting developmental problems early and proactively. These early visits also help get infants comfortable with visiting us and aid caregivers with practical tips on cleaning very young teeth and gums.

Likewise, we enjoy helping our patients who are “young at heart” to preserve their teeth. New challenges may be encountered, which threaten the health of our teeth and gums. Systemic conditions and the prescriptions used to treat them can cause dry mouth, a risk factor for tooth decay. We partner with our patients to fight these and other evolving threats to their great oral health.

All patients can benefit from guidance on oral hygiene techniques and oral care products. We get to know patients and their evolving needs. With this knowledge in hand, we can identify potential risk factors. For instance, you may not be brushing your tongue or flossing daily.

Proper brushing and consistent flossing help eradicate harmful bacterial plaque from areas of the mouth that tend to harbor these pathogens and on surfaces that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. You may also benefit from using an electric toothbrush or preventive dentistry services such as dental sealants. Made from a non-toxic coating, sealants are applied to decay-prone back teeth. They act as “raincoats” to keep out decay-producing food debris, which becomes trapped in pitted and grooved surfaces.

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