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Enhance and maintain your smile with cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services in Kirkland, WA

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kirkland WA

Seven seconds is all it takes to make a first impression. A beautiful smile boosts your self-esteem, improving how you feel about yourself in social and professional situations. Cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening enhances your smile and helps improve your confidence level. In Kirkland, WA, Dr. Ann Kelley and the team at Kingsgate Dental Clinic offer cosmetic dentistry services to improve your smile. Studies show an increase in cosmetic dental procedures over the past five years. Patients are searching for ways to achieve brighter, more beautiful smiles. At Kingsgate Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA residents ask, “What are sports mouth guards?”

custom-made sport mouth guards to protect the teeth from injury during athletic events.

Children, teens, and adults who engage in sports protect their bodies by wearing helmets, elbow and knee pads, shin guards, shoulder pads, and chest protection. Athletics require the use of protective gear to guard the body and to shield the core and limbs from injury. The mouth must be considered as well. Dr. Ann Kelley and the team at Kingsgate Dental Clinic in Kirkland, WA offer custom sport mouth guards to protect patients’ mouths from injuries during athletic activities. What is a sports mouth guard? Also called simply a mouth guard or mouth protector, a sports mouth guard is a … Continue reading

Kirkland patients ask, “What is the best TMJ pain treatment?”

Tmj Pain Treatment Kirkland

Many patients clench their jaws or experience tightness at some point. This may be the result of stress or an overworked jaw. For some patients, this is a one time or occasional occurrence. For others, the pain lingers. Jaw pain or clicking sounds may be caused by TMJ problems. Patients searching for TMJ pain treatment have turned to Kirkland dentist, Dr. Ann Kelley, and the team at Kingsgate Dental Clinic. Dr. Kelley understands the jaw joint, its function, and the discomfort caused by TMJ problems. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to finding relief. Understanding the temporomandibular joint The … Continue reading

Pros and cons: dentures vs. dental implants near me in Kirkland

Dental Dentures Near Me Kirkland

When patients in the Kirkland area are faced with tooth loss, they need to speak to a professional about their tooth restoration options. There are several ways in which the smile can be repaired, including the use of dentures and dental implants. However, many patients who are searching for a dentist “near me” in the community are often interested in learning about the pros and cons of dentures vs. dental implants. Dentures. Dentures are restorations made to replace one or more teeth. They are fabricated from metal or acrylic, or both, and may be full or partial. Partials replace one … Continue reading

Kirkland family dentistry practice discusses the importance of dental health and wellness

Kirkland Family Dentistry - Dr. Kelley of Kirkland

Kingsgate Dental is a practice in the Kirkland, WA area that offers a variety of procedures under the care and attention of Dr. Ann Kelley. Patients who visit her practice for improved dental health and wellness will have access to many treatments options to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for life. Her practice has helped patients as young as twelve months get the dental assistance needed. When parents are seeking a family dentistry practice that can help everyone in the household, they are welcome to learn about the advantages of working with the team at Kingsgate Dental. Family dentistry While … Continue reading

Are dentures worth it? Learn about affordable solutions in Kirkland, WA!

Are dentures worth it? Learn about affordable solutions from Dr. Ann Kelley at Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland, WA!

Patients in Kirkland, WA who are seeking affordable, quality dental care for their smiles are welcome to contact Dr. Ann Kelley of Kingsgate Dental. Her practice provides general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions for patients of all ages. This includes dentures. What are dentures? When patients are missing one or more teeth, they can turn to our dentist to learn about replacement options. There are several ways for a patient to replace missing teeth, including: Dentures Dental bridges Dental implants Dentures are the most affordable of the three, providing improved function and appearance without having to break the bank. Dr. … Continue reading

What are the benefits of using a sports mouth guard in Kirkland, WA?

Dr. Ann Kelley at Kingsgate Dental explains What are the benefits of using a sports mouth guard in Kirkland, WA

Dr. Ann Kelley and the team of Kingsgate Dental in Kirkland, WA are here to treat patients like family. The members of the practice care about everyone and believe in providing the best dental care available in the area. Part of dental care includes preventative care, including the use of a sports mouth guard. What is a sports mouth guard? Dental sports mouth guards are plastic appliances that patients wear during high-impact sports to protect their teeth. These mouth guards can lessen the chance of teeth getting knocked out during sports such as soccer or football. Wearing the mouth guard … Continue reading

Prevent dental injuries with a custom mouth guard from Kirkland, WA area dentist

Dr. Ann Kelley at Kingsgate Dental advises how to prevent dental injuries with a custom mouth guard from Kirkland, WA

During high contact sports such as football and soccer, it is important for patients to consider the benefits of sports mouth guards to prevent dental injuries. A simple impact to the mouth can result in substantial damage that can cost a lot—including a patient’s adult teeth! Working with a dentist in Kirkland, WA such as Dr. Ann Kelley is the first step in learning more about the benefits of using a custom mouth guard during high contact sports to protect the smile! Why mouth guards? Mouth guards are oral appliances patients can wear that protect the teeth while playing sports … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA area patients ask, why get dental implants?

Dr. Ann Kelley at Kingsgate Dental explains why get dental implants to patients in Kirkland, WA area

Tooth loss leads patients in the Kirkland, WA area to consider a wide selection of options for tooth replacement. When patients are interested in permanent, long-term solutions, we encourage them to make an appointment with Dr. Ann Kelley of Kingsgate Dental to discuss the advantages of using dental implants in the smile. Dental implants explained Dental implants are essentially tooth root replacements made of biocompatible materials such as titanium metal. These root replacements look like small posts that the dentist places into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery. The procedure is done right in the office and time … Continue reading

Kirkland, WA dentist describes the causes of gum disease and when professional dental surgery is necessary

Kirkland, WA dentist Dr. Ann Kelley describes the causes of gum disease and when professional dental surgery is necessary

Patients in the Kirkland, WA area who are interested in maintaining a healthy smile are encouraged to work with a dentist to reduce their risk of developing gum disease. The cause of gum disease is often related to the care of the smile. Dr. Ann Kelley and the team at Kingsgate Dental will suggest regular visits to monitor the health of the smile and avoid the need for future professional surgery to combat the infection. What is gum disease? Dr. Ann Kelley explains gum disease, or “periodontal disease,” is an infection that starts due to poor oral hygiene. This means … Continue reading

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  • Kingsgate Dental
    Rating : 5  - 5 Star Rating Review I have gone to Kingsgate Dental for about two years now, and every experience has been excellent. Dr. Kelley is very knowledgeable and very thorough with her analysis of the issues that I have faced with my teeth. The staff is polite and always happy to answer any questions that I have and give me pointers to improve my dental hygiene. I will continue to go to Kingsgate Dental and Dr Kelley for years to come.
  • Kingsgate Dental
    Rating : 5  - 5 Star Rating Review Dr. Kelley and her staff are a treasure. State of the art equipment. As a past Dental Administrator for a very large practice in Lynnwood, I am soo happy to know that Dr. Kelley and her hygienists who have been there for over 20 years, are by far the most indepth and thorough at cleaning as you would ever find. I have never felt more than a slight prick when getting novocaine. Between numbing the gum and gentle procedure they also offer nitrous, for us real scaredy cats. Music, neck pillows and blankets all make the experience truly enjoyable.